10 Sources: Patrick Gaughan

This week’s 10 Sources: “Remasters of Reality” by Patrick Gaughan

“A mother and daughter primp, noodles dangle above bowls in TV glow, a maid vacuums, a couple fights, underwear strewn, asses bounce, a man scratches his back for a full minute, balcony cigarettes, teen sleepovers, a “Best Of” culled from running the camera night after night. The same shampoo commercial on three TVs: first floor, third floor, fifth floor. Three models, toss three heads of hair tossed in perfect time.”

Patrick Gaughan is a poet, performer, & critic living in Northampton, MA. He interviews artists & writers for BOMB & The Conversant. Find recent writing in HTMLGiant, Coldfront, The Volta, Entropy, & Blunderbuss. He’s the writer & director of Fast Five, coming this fall from the Connecticut River Valley Poets’ Theater.